En este momento estás viendo ¿Qué hago con lo que siento?

¿Qué hago con lo que siento?

If we choose to ignore and push the feelings away, they will stay and revisit us, haunting us more strongly.

You can’t cure what you don’t understand.

I invite you to give yourself a moment to do the following exercise:

1- Identify what you are feeling. Accept those feelings as valid, out of curiosity and compassion.

2- Observe the quality of your thoughts, what do you say to yourself about what you feel? (you can take note).

3- Pay attention to the quality of your bodily sensations.

4- Notice the rhythm of your breathing.

5- Sharpen your senses to appreciate your energetic state, if you feel fatigue, tension or any unusual sensation.

6- Finally. Start exploring alternatives that connect you with pleasurable sensations.

Perhaps you can start with your breathing, taking slow, deep conscious breaths.

Then try trying some friendly, cute self-talk. If the situation you are experiencing is difficult, it will be worse if you criticize yourself, identify what you can say to yourself that will help you feel better.

Then examine movements and postures that allow you to restore your sense of security and relaxation.

If blockages arise during the exercise, or you feel afraid to go inward for fear of emotions that you cannot handle, it is a sign that you need help.

How about giving yourself permission to come back to you?

If you wish, I can help you start your inner journey, in a space of containment and security, so that later you can do it on your own.

Hugs, Elizabeth.