I am Elizabeth. Psychologist, EMDR Psychotherapist & Yoga Instructor.

I facilitate a space of transformation for people struggling with trauma-related conditions, anxiety and depression. By processing distressing memories and encouraging adaptive coping mechanisms, my therapeutic session allows you to heal and restore hope and well-being.

I have over 10 years of experience providing psychotherapy. I’m a member of The Psychological Society in both Chile and Singapore. Additional certifications include Psychodrama, Polyvagal Theory & Yoga. 

Body-mind intervention for self regulation and build resilience.

How can we improve our ability to regulate our Nervous system?  

I provide this through my program!

Online EMDR Therapy

Online Yoga Program

Individual sessions with an EMDR approach are an excellent way to modify maladaptive neural networks in a safe environment.
Starting our process. I will teach you to explore your nervous system, detect threat signals in your body, identify early emotional triggers, coping resources and more. With the purpose of creating the somatic and nervous system capacity necessary for reprocessing adverse experiences.
We will meet once a week or every other week for a processing session focused on the area of your interest. I will provide guidance to you throughout this procedure, ensuring that it is customized to meet your specific requirements.
We work in cooperation. From a state of total presence, I’ll be there for you every step of the way. The process of EMDR processing doesn’t require you to share the worst parts of your past or talk about it in depth; even if you don’t express it verbally, your brain will continue to process the bodily sensations and emotions associated with the events.

EMDR models facilitate the reprocessing of traumatic memories, diminishing their emotional charge. A somatic approach through yoga and Polyvagal theory complements this by addressing the physical manifestations of trauma, and clear understanding of the nervous system fostering a deeper sense of well-being.

Nervous System Healing


Embrace the ability to come back to equilibrium, balance, and return to your state of safety and connection.

  •  Trauma (aka) stress stored in the nervous system, causing dysregulation.

  • This stored tension disrupts the balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches, impacting emotional and physical well-being, causing dysregulation, such us:

• Overwhelmed, poor concentration, Hypervigilance

• Depression, anxious

• Procrastination, disconnected

• Perfectionism, shut down, detached


Empower selfregulation

How do we get unstuck and how do we release trauma?


When we can access our bodies through the felt sense, then we can begin to discharge the trapped survival energy that is keeping us stuck in dysregulation and begin to feel creative and fully alive again.


How a regulated Nervous System bring an overall sense of well-being in your life?


A regulated nervous system plays a pivotal role in fostering overall well-being by maintaining a delicate balance between its sympathetic and parasympathetic branches.

Achieving equilibrium between these branches is essential for:

• Efficient stress management

• Influences emotional stability

• Improved cognitive function

• Emotional resilience

• Improved decision-making

• Sense of calm 

Minimize burn out, reduce anxiety, depression, and others. One method by which the nervous system awakens the sensory-motor system is through movement, which is why they are so therapeutic.

 I invite you to rehabilitate your brain. If you would like to practice with me, please book your free initial session.  

How breath affects your emotions and how it can help you feel better?

Stressful situations can change our pattern of breathing, cause shallow breathing, over breathing and a feeling of panic. Pranayama is a practice of voluntary modifying the breathing pattern.

According to Stephen Porges, the father of the Polyvagal Theory, breathing is the fastest way to regulate our autonomic nervous system. Inhales stimulate the Sympathetic nervous system and exhales stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system.

Empower self-regulation Program
Online - in person

Go beyond the words and into the body through the use of breathing, movements, and visualization. 

As a psychologist, I offer you a space of psychotherapy yoga & wellness,  

I invite you to incorporate those techniques into your work on self-regulation. 

You can start practicing this simple and powerful exercise, and little by little it will help quiet and still your mind.

Have you ever been through situations that tighten your chest, shrink your body, and it has been difficult for you to think and act clearly?

I understand you; I provide support to clients who are experiencing distress caused by intrusive symptoms such as an overwhelming feeling of fear, sadness, intrusive negative thoughts, or intense sensory experiences such as feeling agitated, blocked, or butterflies in the stomach. These issues are both distressing and frustrating for our daily routine, and cannot be resolved on their own.

Stress can get trapped in the body and nervous system and impact natural healing. My mission is to help you find where the stress is stuck in your body, and help to remove it, so you can feel free and reduce the overwhelming sensation.

The approach focuses on regulating your nervous systems’ activation, shifting it from a survival mode to a stabilization and calm state. This is achieved through the reduction, desensitization, and elimination of intrusive symptoms, which allows the brain to process the adverse experience organically and return to regulating itself.

If this is what you are looking for, please contact me to set up a 30-minute free consultation and explore if this approach is a good fit for you.


I was hitting probably the lowest point of my life when I decided to reach out for help. I was struggling with PTSD and dissociation that weren’t letting me live my normal life. I couldn’t accept the fact that no matter what happened my life was still going. After just few sessions with Elizabeth i was already feeling so much better. I noticed that i was smiling more and slowly but surely I started making plans regarding my future. On our first call Elizabeth asked me what do I want to achieve in the end of the therapy and I told her that I want to “wake up” and right now I can say that I did indeed wake up and trying to enjoy my life as it is.
"I had a very positive therapeutic experience with Elizabeth, as she is very empathic and knows a lot of tools and techniques that made for a personalised approach in our sessions. Her patience and willingness to adjust to my comfort level made me feel safe and understood. I would recommend her to anyone who suffers from anxiety or depression, needs an understanding of their own emotional baggage and to be guided in a gentle, non-judgemental way.
Working with Elizabeth meant a before and after. She as a therapist allows a sensitive and very well directed connection, from an innate and clear ability. EMDR therapy turns out to be of practically immediate effect. It is possible to modify and reassociate patterns that, consciously, would take a long time. From my personal experience as a survivor of deep psychological abuse since childhood, I received the opportunity to rest from toxic self-concepts, limiting thoughts, self-destructive patterns, being able to rediscover the person I really am and to be able to redesign in peace and self-love what I could not develop. in my personality at younger ages. It has been a true gift for the soul, to be able to find peace, understanding, liberation and love towards the inner child that hurt so much. I can state with absolute conviction based on real and tangible facts that EMDR therapy is absolutely effective. I cannot fully imagine what Elizabeth will be able to accomplish with hundreds of patients in the future. It was such a significant therapy that it is impossible not to have great affection for the professional that she is.
María José