En este momento estás viendo Entra en contacto con tus particularidades

Entra en contacto con tus particularidades

Interactuar con cada una de nuestras facetas

One of the mandates that is present in all social and family systems, and that is engraved in our unconscious is:

“You have to be like us”

It happens that we have to adapt in the same way, since being different is risking being rejected by one’s own family, which is equivalent to being in danger, fear of exclusion and fear of the future, because it is engraved in the mind that there is no future without the protection of the clan

In many cases, the possibility of truly being ourselves, exploring and fully knowing ourselves is denied. In this way, there is nothing left but to modify our self-concept, as a result of the adaptation that must be made to deal with it.

The extreme dependency in which a child who is still inexperienced in understanding his own needs finds himself, makes him belong to the clan in order to survive.

Nevertheless. These modifications fragment our personality, which is one of those responsible for many mental pathologies, which when an adult presents itself in a sensation of; emptiness, outbursts, blocks, procrastination, indecision, among others.

Not getting in touch with your peculiarities frustrates.

I invite you to find a point of balance between your individuality and the social, we have the freedom to develop within our particularities, without being trapped in rigid cultural preserves, and from there adapt and integrate ourselves into the environment.

This is when psychotherapy does its thing, giving us a second chance to return to the time when our roles began to become rigid, and in a space of containment and care, relearn. To then help you generate a new sense of yourself, and increase your capacity for resilience and personal acceptance.

Hugs Elizabeth💕