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Tengo miedo, pero me atrevo.

It is possible to learn to let emotions, feelings and sensations flow and move us, otherwise love and the fullness of enjoyment are not known.

However… taking risks awakens fears

Along with that, mobilizes all defenses. Letting oneself be led by the heart, for many, is a dilemma.

Emotional wounds can remain present and cause suffering for a long time. Having built your armor of protection is a heroic act, an act of self-esteem that had a lot of merit in those moments of difficulty, but that has already fulfilled its function. 

Today, if we do not face those fears, and we give ourselves a space to heal our wounds, we will remain separating our being, only focused on what is reasonable or possible to our mental map. But, disconnecting us from our center, and along with this, depriving us of the pleasure of feeling and enjoying all the wonders that life gives us.

I invite you to take the first step, it is not necessary that you do it alone. If you wish, I can help you in the process.

Hugs, Elizabeth.