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Desgaste Emocional

Burnout or emotional exhaustion syndrome.

Burnout syndrome. We can understand it as a state of extreme physical and mental fatigue, produced by sustained overload for a prolonged period. Basically, an imbalance between the reward obtained versus the effort put forth.

It can occur in different aspects of our lives, such as: studies, interpersonal relationships or work. Situations in which we put a lot of energy, but we do not get the expected results.

Our nervous system remains under stress. When cortisol stays high for a long time, the way your body metabolizes cortisol changes, so it’s no longer assimilated, and we go into the opposite state of chronically low cortisol.

This means that it can freeze or become immobilized in helplessness or collapse, we can feel signs such as; fatigue, hopelessness, helplessness, emotional annoyance, disconnection and somatic reactions.

Why can’t we go back to our calm state?

  • On demands of modern life

 Modernity has changed our lifestyle. It has brought technology, revolutions in the way we work, 24/7 media exposure, fast food. Various comforts, as well as long working hours, being busy is a sign of productivity and success, along with this, the advertising bombardment offering happiness through consumption, and exposure to news of tragedies around the world.

  • Personality traits

People with perfectionist personality characteristics, who use excessive control as an anxiety management tool, therefore, it is very difficult to delegate or ask for help, generating emotional and physical exhaustion.

What can we do about it?

  • Let the brain know that we are safe: Identify triggers, such as; work, people or situations that trigger my automatic response, and do something to reduce the negative impact.

  • Listen to the bod: Get active, start an exercise routine, stay hydrated, improve eating habits. Where is the imbalance and what can I do to get it back?

  • Examine personal values ​​​​and goals: Identify if what you dedicate your time to every day is compatible with your life values. Where are you out of integrity with yourself? What do you do when you express your skills better?

  • Increase oxytocin: Hormone related to a sense of security and trust. Being with the people we love, artistic expression, physical contact or caressing our pet, helps us release oxytocin.


Hugs, Elizabeth.