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Compromiso con tu Salud Mental

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¿Quieres dejar de repetir patrones, y crear el camino hacia lo que realmente aspiras para tu vida?

As we develop more awareness of our personal existence, we recover the sense of our own identity. 

It is necessary to invest time and effort to assume full responsibility for what we do with our lives, as well as what we do with the ideas we have received from our parents, educational system and social mandates. 

Avoiding our personal responsibility will injure our self-esteem. It may be comfortable, in a way, to spare us the need to make our own decisions and create a new path, but along with that, we also nullify the opportunity to be ourselves.

Responsibility for our attitude, our behavior and our choices allows us to empower ourselves to take action and facilitate the change of everything that prevents us from being more complete, more free, accepting the truth of who we are and what we want to do with our lives.

I encourage you to take the first steps on your path.

Hugs Elizabeth.