En este momento estás viendo Aceptación, una oportunidad para crecer.

Aceptación, una oportunidad para crecer.

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¿Alguna vez te has sentido dando vuelta en la misma situación, entre luchar y evadir ?

Have you heard the saying “What you resist persists”?

 Continuing in fight and flight mode can be a long-term exhausting strategy, affecting our physical and psychological health.

 I propose a different look, when we can stop and observe, be friends with what we reject, and see what could be underneath our resistant behaviors, we have the opportunity to transform them into powerful energy that propels us forward.

 Learning to face the challenges of life from acceptance is a great tool that allows us to release the inner pressure invested in sustaining those crystallized defense mechanisms, which make us cling to an illusory comfort zone, false protection, that our mind makes us believe as true. 

Life demands continuous changes from us, for which sometimes we are not prepared, before the impact of the unknown comes the mental and emotional blockage. This response can be conditioned, subsequently triggering different pathologies such as: Anxiety, depression, personal stagnation, among others. 

If you feel that you need help to face that conflict, since it is difficult for you to resolve the resistance on your own, I invite you to book your Online Psychotherapy session. In our session we will discover what are the most important needs for you right now, where you can start to create effective responses, and how I can accompany you in your healing process.

Hugs Elizabeth.