3 pasos para volver a tu esencia

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Does your interior tell you that it is time to change direction?

Do you feel a constant feeling of

One of the explanations for why we are experiencing personal dissatisfaction, a feeling of emptiness, among others, is related to the fact that sometimes we deny ourselves the possibility of truly being ourselves, exploring ourselves and knowing ourselves fully.

The consequences of this situation may be that now on our current path, it is very difficult for us to feel present, anchored to our center and satisfied with ourselves.

I tell you that you can learn and grow from this situation. To turn emptiness into an opportunity, we need to be more aware of this learned psychological behavior, such as accommodating ourselves to others, avoiding our needs, among others. Which are basically a substitute established due to lack of confidence, fear of commitment to ourselves or social pressure, since “What others think of us” takes on a lot of importance and said training leads us to create mechanisms, which requires investing a lot of energy. harden.

However, through simple exercises we can start our way back home.

1- Self-observation – Self-registration of our mental histories. 

2- Self-understanding, from where I move, what experiences are connected with my current feeling.

3- Interrupt pattern and willingness to change. Self transformation, connecting with the freedom to choose your own way of reacting.  

 In short, giving ourselves a little more time to listen to ourselves favors the expansion of consciousness, which allows us to develop the necessary mental clarity to face our wounds, understand our internal world and take action for change.

Acting connected with your essence allows the possibility of avoiding internal blockages, creating healthier relationships and becoming happier. Willing to see and correct mistakes, living committed to your personal growth.

Hughes, Elizabeth.